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Recording the debut album

At the moment, we are in the studio where we record our first full-length album.



May 5, we played our first joint solo concert with IN CONFLICT.

It was really cool! And for us, this is the first experience of organizing concerts in Russia.

Very pleased with the activity and enterprising people in the hall on this day, it was very pleasant to play in front of you.

Further, we took 1 month of rest and already in the end of June were with a head in studio work.

Material accumulated over the year – just darkness (in the good sense of the word) 😉, for this it is now difficult to say what will happen as a result.

Something original and unusual? Rather yes than no.

The process of recording, production – everything goes strictly according to plan and this means that no one and nothing can delay the release of the album. In any case, for now.

Thank You! ;)